Fast. Simple. Equipment Verification.

Add peace of mind when buying & trading equipment sight unseen!

Avoid Being Scammed

Fraudulent activities involving ag and construction equipment are more prevalent than ever before. With more people buying equipment online, cybercriminals have advanced their techniques to take advantage. If you are buying equipment online or trading equipment sight unseen, a fast, simple, equipment verification from Machinery Scope can prevent you from getting scammed.

Here Is How It Works

Machinery Scope combines our vast knowledge and experience of equipment with Truepic technology to ensure the equipment is legitimate. It is far too easy for pictures, ads, and information to be doctored or altogether fake. Digital content has a history. We assist in determining the equipment to be real, original, and located exactly where it is said to be. Additionally, serial number verification is critically important. Titles and equipment liens that are not perfected or lien searches that come up short due to falsified or misleading serial numbers can cause headaches and financial consequences. Our process will capture the equipment’s location, a timestamp of when the pictures were taken, and use leading authenticity verification technologies to protect against fraudulent activity.

While you need to be a savvy equipment buyer, you should not be gun-shy to miss out on a deal right for you. Utilize our basic inspection to make sure the equipment is what it is claimed to be so you do not become a victim of fraudulent or misleading equipment schemes. Our services are quick and simple! The robust technology, in combination with our vast knowledge of equipment, provides valuable peace of mind and protects your best interests.

When Should Equipment Verification Be Utilized?

Anytime you are buying or trading equipment sight unseen, an equipment verification report from Machinery Scope should be utilized, even if you believe the equipment to be from a reputable company. Scammers are creating copycat sites and ads to imitate reputable companies that have history. It is getting more and more difficult to discern reality from fraud.

How Do We Know This Is Worthwhile?

Fraudulent schemes involving ag and construction equipment cost honest and hard-working companies billions of dollars each year. We have seen and felt the impact of fraud involving equipment transactions. In most cases, fraudsters use creative schemes to copycat companies and/or equipment listings that are not authentic. We make it our mission to prevent this from happening to our friends who are buying or selling equipment in good faith. Machinery Scope inspections with Truepic technology are only $200. It is the best investment you can make to efficiently assess the legitimacy of the equipment and protect your financial interests.

Contact Machinery Scope to learn more or to get a fast, simple, equipment verification report!

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