About Finance Scope

Equipment financing can be a frustrating component to your everyday business; but it doesn’t have to be. Finance Scope exists to make your day a little easier by providing easy to use solutions for all your equipment lease and financing needs.

Providing Agriculture & Construction Equipment Finance Solutions

Finance Scope is a new company providing innovative finance and leasing solutions to the agriculture and construction equipment industry.

Finance Scope provides a solution for equipment dealers and their customers to take advantage of the best finance opportunities through a diverse mix of lending companies under one single platform. This large group of lenders will provide competitive rates and specialize in all credit types. Additionally, dealers and their customers will have access to the industry’s best expertise surrounding finance and lease structures, for all purposes, within the agricultural and construction industries. Finance Scope also provides industry-leading technology built into one platform to provide a finance solution tailored specifically to the dealer and their customers.

Troy Vosberg President & CEO of Finance Scope had this to say:

“There is a definite need in the industry for this kind of expertise and is the reason we have designed the platform. With years of finance and leasing experience, we can provide a ‘one-stop shop’ for dealerships and their customers looking for the best possible finance and lease options in today’s competitive market.”

The options Finance Scope delivers to the industry is the culmination of years of dealership and finance experience, as well as countless hours of research and development. Finance Scope has challenged the “status-quo” of equipment financing offered through the agricultural and construction dealers and is delivering on the solutions that are not only industry-first, but bring extreme value to their operations.

Finance Scope is not obligated to offer just one single product or lender. It has the customer service team and the knowledge to take dealers and their customers all the way through the financing process and deliver the very best finance product for each customer. Everything from electronic applications to the dealer portal is designed to keep Finance Scope’s dealer partners focused on what they do best and allow Finance Scope to take care of the time-consuming details that can reduce productivity.

Finance Scope Core Values

  • Premier Customer Service
  • Genuine Care
  • Complete Honesty and Transparency
  • Highly Relatable
  • Unmatched Professionalism