Construction Equipment Financing

Construction equipment has evolved tremendously over the last decade. Technology advancements and integration have become an increasingly important piece of your business. Here, at Finance Scope, we have created solutions for all credit situations. From leasing to financing, we have the largest selection of options to allow you to update your construction equipment when you decide.

Eligible Construction Equipment

If you are looking at new construction equipment and want to know your financing and/or leasing options, contact us. The most common construction equipment we provide financing solutions for are below, but contact us if you don’t see your equipment type.

Construction Industries Served

Our network of dealers and construction companies are involved in a diverse mix of industries. These are examples of the customers we work with on a routine basis to secure the best equipment financing for their needs.

  • Commercial Construction: The planning and organization of a well-run commercial construction business is impressive, building anything from office buildings to hotels and warehouses. Making sure your fleet of commercial construction equipment, including trucks, cranes, bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, lift equipment, etc., are up-to-date is essential to the proper execution of the job.
  • Residential Construction: In the business of new construction of homes, townhomes, apartments, or remodeling, roofing, or other types of residential construction? Finance Scope can help you secure the best financing to upgrade your next trailer, telehandler, skid loader, or almost any equipment you’ll likely need.
  • Lawn & Landscaping: Our lawn and landscape customers do lawn care, irrigation, landscape projects, and more. Whether it’s a lawn mower, skid loader, trencher, or otherwise, we can set you up with the right equipment for your lawn and landscape business.
  • Forestry and Logging: A forestry and logging company typically requires specialized equipment such as chainsaws, skidders, harvesters, forwarders, and log trucks to efficiently carry out tasks such as tree felling, log extraction, and transportation in forested areas.
  • Tree Service Providers: Tree service providers do a wide range of tasks, including trimming, cutting, tree removal, mulching, stump grinding, and more. Finance Scope is proud to work with tree service providers helping them get the right equipment to do the job efficiently.
  • Concrete & Masonry: Hardworking professionals in the business of pouring concrete, bricklaying, block installation, and other masonry projects need equipment. We are here to finance your next excavator, skid loader, truck, or trailer so you can get the job done most efficiently.
  • Asphalt and Paving: An asphalt and paving company requires equipment such as asphalt pavers, compactors, milling machines, rollers, dump trucks, and infrared heaters to efficiently handle tasks related to road construction, asphalt paving, resurfacing, and repairs. Look no further than Finance Scope to keep your equipment up-to-date for your asphalt and paving jobs.
  • Dirt Work and Excavation: A dirt work and excavation company typically leverages heavy equipment such as excavators, bulldozers, loaders, graders, dump trucks, and compactors to efficiently undertake tasks like site preparation, earthmoving, land grading, trenching, and excavation for construction and infrastructure projects. We provide finance solutions for all types of dirt work and excavation equipment.
  • Mining: Excavators, haul trucks, loaders, drills, crushers, and conveyors are typical of a mining company seeking to extract and transport minerals with precision and operational efficiency effectively. Our mining customers appreciate the finance solutions we can provide for their equipment needs.
  • Directional and Well Drilling: A directional drilling company requires specialized equipment such as drilling rigs and guidance systems to accurately drill horizontal or directional boreholes for various applications like wells, oil and gas, underground utility installation, and geotechnical surveys. Finance Scope provides the right finance solutions for drilling companies.
  • Septic Systems: Septic system installers routinely leverage excavators, backhoes, trailers, and compaction equipment for their septic projects; all equipment that Finance Scope can deliver value in providing the best equipment financing.
  • Other Construction Industries & Businesses: The list of industries and businesses that Finance Scope serves is quite large. If you don’t see your specific industry listed but want to learn how we might be able to service your equipment financing needs, please reach out. We would be happy to have a conversation with you to determine if we can provide value in equipment financing.

Finance Scope Advantages

We deliver value to our dealers and construction equipment owners by providing personalized service, unmatched expertise, and a diverse mix of the best equipment finance companies in one single platform. On top of this, we can provide:
  • Easy and secure credit application
  • Fast and efficient answers
  • Lease and installment options
  • Multiple quotes with one request
  • Application only approvals
  • Most competitive rates in the industry
  • Specialty finance solutions
  • Options for varying credit ranges
  • construction equipment financing industry expert is ready to answer your questions!