Understanding Your Forklift Financing Options

Forklift financing is a specialty at Finance Scope. Financing a forklift might be a wise choice for businesses needing new or used forklifts or those looking to upgrade their existing equipment. Forklifts are crucial in many industries, particularly warehouses and construction sites. However, purchasing a forklift can represent a substantial expense, and that’s where Finance Scope can help. Our team of experts can guide you through the process of financing a forklift, ensuring you understand your options and get the best finance solution. Keep reading to learn about forklift financing, view our current financing rates, and when you’re ready, you can begin an online financing application or contact us.

Why Finance a Forklift?

Financing a new or used forklift can be advantageous. Choosing to finance a forklift rather than paying in full can help businesses preserve their cash flow, freeing up funds for investment in other areas of operation like infrastructure, technology upgrades, or special projects. It also enables spreading the cost over a set period, helping businesses avoid the financial stress of making a large upfront payment. Financing a forklift is a viable option for businesses wanting to keep their credit lines open for other expenses. Moreover, it’s an excellent way for new businesses to kick-start their operations, making necessary equipment more accessible.

Industries We Serve For Forklift Financing

Forklifts are indispensable assets in numerous industries, as they help streamline operations, boost efficiency, and foster workplace safety.

  • Construction: In the construction industry, forklifts are fundamental tools utilized for the movement of building materials, heavy equipment, and debris. Tasks that would take considerable time and effort manually can be accomplished swiftly and efficiently with the help of forklifts. Financing a forklift for construction businesses allows them to secure the forklift without making a hefty upfront payment.
  • Agriculture: In the agriculture sector, forklifts play a significant role in optimizing operations. They are used to move heavy loads such as feed, supplies, and harvested produce. Considering the seasonal nature of the agriculture industry, cash flow can vary throughout the year. Hence, investing in equipment like forklifts might cause substantial financial stress, especially during off-season periods. Forklift financing presents a solution to this challenge by allowing the acquisition of necessary equipment without a significant initial outlay.
  • Other Industries: Forklifts are used in a wide variety of industries, from manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, large retail centers, automotive, and more. If your business is searching for a forklift you want to finance, contact us to discuss your options.

Current Forklift Financing Rates

For the latest forklift financing rates, we invite you to visit our forklift financing rates page on the Finance Scope website.

Forklift Finance Calculator

To calculate your forklift loan, you must know your purchase price, trade allowance, trade payoff, down payment, interest rate, payment frequency, and loan term. With this information at hand, or if you’re simply looking for an easy forklift loan estimate, feel free to use our forklift finance calculator.

Easiest Forklift Financing

Finance Scope offers a unified platform featuring a diverse mix of forklift financing companies. This makes it the easiest and most efficient solution to find the best financing option for your particular situation.

What Kind of Loans Are Available For a Forklift?

Several types of loans are available for financing a forklift. Traditional installment loans are the most common, available for two to seven-year terms. We also offer several lease options. If you’re unsure which finance product (loan or lease) is the right choice for you, our Finance Scope equipment finance specialists are always ready to assist.

Why Use Finance Scope For Forklift Financing?

Finance Scope has a rich history of providing trustworthy forklift financing solutions. Warehouse operators and construction businesses trust us with their financing needs because of our personalized service, unparalleled expertise, and diverse mix of the top equipment finance companies on a single platform. We offer an easy and secure credit application process, fast and efficient answers, multiple quotes with one request, competitive rates, and options for varying credit ranges. A Finance Scope industry expert is always ready to answer your questions.

Start Your Forklift Financing Today

Have questions about your forklift financing options? Feel free to contact one of our experts or start an online application today, and we’ll be in touch.

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