Author: Troy Vosberg

Current Position

  • Finance Scope President & CEO


  • Bachelor’s Degree Business Administration and Management from The University of Mary



  • Troy has spent the last 20+ years building relationships in the finance world and has had the opportunity to assist over 600 dealer groups across the United States and Canada on the Finance Scope platform. He is a member of the National Equipment Finance Association, American Association of Commercial Finance Brokers, Independent Equipment Dealers Association, and many additional Dealership Associations across the United States. Troy’s experience and relationships make him the ideal leader to develop common sense solutions for our dealers at Finance Scope.

Troy Vosberg's Articles

Financing Equipment for Residential Construction Companies

In the rapidly expanding world of residential construction, equipping your business with the right tools and machinery can make the difference between timely project completion and significant delays. Essential for every construction task, from laying the foundation to the final finishes, is the equipment that ensures efficiency and safety. As the demand for new homes

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Get Wheel Loader Financing At Finance Scope

Wheel loader financing allows you to obtain an essential piece of equipment with a lower upfront cost. These powerful machines are the backbone of many construction, agriculture, and other industrial operations, moving earth, loading materials, and performing many other tasks. The Importance of Wheel Loaders in the Industry Wheel loaders play a crucial role in

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Leveraging Financing for Your Landscaping Equipment Needs

Lawn and Landscaping equipment financing can ensure your business has the necessary equipment. Landscaping businesses are pivotal in shaping our environment, turning mundane outdoor spaces into lush, green, and refreshing sanctuaries. Central to the success of any landscaping venture is the need for reliable and effective equipment. As a business owner, understanding the various options

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Understanding Your Forklift Financing Options

Forklift financing is a specialty at Finance Scope. Financing a forklift might be a wise choice for businesses needing new or used forklifts or those looking to upgrade their existing equipment. Forklifts are crucial in many industries, particularly warehouses and construction sites. However, purchasing a forklift can represent a substantial expense, and that’s where Finance

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Understand Your Forestry Equipment and Logging Equipment Financing Options

Whether your business is forestry or logging, you have equipment needs.  Finance Scope is an industry leader in providing finance solutions for all types of forestry and logging service equipment. New or upgraded equipment can come with a hefty price tag, but that’s where we step in with our financing solutions. Our team is ready

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7 Reasons Dealers Choose Finance Scope For Equipment Financing

Are you looking to deliver valuable finance solutions for your customers while doing less paperwork? Look no further than Finance Scope. With our comprehensive range of finance solutions tailored specifically for dealers, we have seven reasons why you should choose Finance Scope for your equipment financing needs: Finance Scope Dealer Testimony To date we have

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Sales: Having the Right Tools to Weather the Storm

A dealer friend recently commented, “It’s been too easy, and we have developed some bad habits in our sales department over two years.” It’s understandable how it can happen, but let’s address this sooner rather than later. The 15 years I spent in an ag equipment dealer sales department were full of challenges and opportunities.

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