Understand Your Tractor Financing Options

Tractor financing is our specialty at Finance Scope. Financing a tractor can be a smart decision for farmers who need to purchase a new or used tractor or upgrade their current equipment. Tractors are an integral part of any successful agricultural operation, but purchasing a tractor can be a significant expense. That is where the experts at Finance Scope can assist you with tractor financing and walk you through the process. Continue reading to learn about tractor financing, see our current financing rates, and when you are ready, you can start an online financing application or contact us!

Why Finance a Tractor?

Tractor financing can be done for both new and used tractors. Financing a tractor can offer several benefits for farmers versus paying in full. First, it can help farmers preserve their cash flow and free up funds to invest in other areas of their operation, such as other infrastructure or technology. Additionally, financing a tractor can help farmers manage their cash flow by spreading the cost of the tractor over a set period of time. This can help farmers avoid the burden of making a large upfront payment, which can be difficult to manage for small businesses. Furthermore, financing a tractor can be a good option for farmers who want to preserve their operating lines of credit for other expenses. Finally, financing a tractor can be a way for new farmers to start their operations and purchase the equipment they need to get started.

Current Tractor Financing Rates

For our up-to-date tractor financing rates, please visit our tractor financing rates page.

Tractor Finance Calculator

To calculate your tractor loan, you need to know your purchase price, trade allowance, trade payoff, down payment, interest rate, payment frequency, and term of the loan. If this information is known, or if you want just an easy tractor loan idea, please use our tractor finance calculator below.

Easiest Tractor Financing

Finance Scope gives you one platform to see a diverse mix of tractor financing companies. This makes it the easiest tractor financing solution to get you the best financing option for your situation.

What Kind of Loans are Available For a Tractor?

There are different tractor loan options available. Our traditional installment loans are the most common for tractors. These are available for two to seven-year terms. The best rates will be available on shorter terms. Payment options may include monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual for installment loans depending on the nature of your operation. 

Another finance product commonly used for tractor financing is a lease. Finance Scope offers leases that range from two to seven years and payment frequencies that match your business. Leases can be complex. It is important that you understand your options and obligations, particularly at the end of the lease. Tractor leases may include options for you to purchase, renew, or walk away at the end of the lease. Usually, they are structured with the intention that there is equity for the borrower at the end so that it is advantageous for you to buy them out. One advantage of leasing is the lesser cash flow. Another might be how they are handled on your balance sheet. It is always important to consult with a tax professional to help understand if leasing might be a good solution for you.

In addition, there are options for the length of the tractor loan. When using our online tractor financing application portal, please enter your preferred finance product (loan or lease) and your preferred term. If you are unsure of which option to select, please consult with one of our Finance Scope equipment finance specialists.

Why Use Finance Scope For Tractor Financing?

Financing tractors is not new to us. Agriculture equipment dealers and farmers trust us with their financing solutions because we provide personalized service, unmatched expertise, and a diverse mix of the best equipment finance companies in one single platform. On top of this, we can provide:

  • Easy and secure credit application
  • Fast and efficient answers
  • Lease and installment options
  • Multiple quotes with one request
  • Application only approvals
  • Most competitive rates in the industry
  • Specialty finance solutions
  • Options for varying credit ranges
  • An agriculture equipment financing industry expert is ready to answer your questions!

Start Your Tractor Financing Today

Do you have questions about tractor financing options? Feel free to contact one of our experts or start an online application today and we will be in touch with you.

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